Worst SEO Mistakes You Can Make

Even pros can slip up and make some of these common SEO errors and end up paying the price.

The purpose of SEO is to make your website visible on all of the popular search engine result pages. Search Engine Optimization is an art form that constantly evolves; it takes a considerable amount of time, trial and error to master. It has been described by experts as a complex process that requires you to keep abreast with the latest and best SEO practices. It is sensitive and requires you to avoid making even the smallest of mistakes. A simple mistake could lead to catastrophic consequences for your medical or dental website. This is something that should be avoided at all costs; some of the mistakes committed by website owners are done unknowingly. Below are a few mistakes that are commonly committed by website owners.

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Keyword Cannibalization

This occurs when two or more pages of your website compete for the same keyword or set of keywords. This occurs as a result of having duplicate titles or content. It may also occur due to inexperience. When inexperienced specialists optimize multiple web pages using the same keyword, the result is keyword cannibalization. Most people, often, think that using the same keyword repeatedly results in the website becoming more authoritative. This is a highly misguided point of view.
By doing this, you do your website a great disservice. This is because Google conducts searches on the internet for pages that have the most accurate keywords. Please note that Google is an algorithm: a machine. You are required to manipulate it to understand your site based on what the algorithm reads. It does not function like a human brain. A human brain is able to understand things and make connections. If you have different web pages that rank for the exact or similar keywords, it might fail to rank any of your site’s pages. This is injurious to your website and business.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is content that appears in more than one webpage: especially within the same or different domain. The biggest issue with duplicating content is that an engine will be unable to choose which content to rank. When this happens, results are not generated. Duplicate content occurs in many forms, chief among them is having duplicate versions of a home page. Serving different versions of your homepage to search engines, results in confusion. Your webpage will be devalued and may fail to appear during research.

Poor Website Structure

Web developers normally fail to integrate the best SEO practices in a website’s structure. This is a normal occurrence since the developer is not a specialist in that area. By ignoring this faucet of architecture you, seriously, devalue your website: regardless of whether your website is of high authority. Specialists recommend a flat structure; it satisfies all the requirements and will help you to get more visitors to your website.

Employing an Incompetent Agency or Consultant

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This is one of the most common mistakes committed by website owners. You should invest in an expert who is well versed with the field. An incompetent consultant is likely to miss essential details of best practices. The consultant might claim to have built several links that they are not able to show you. It is important to ensure that you employ a consultant who has credible references that you can contact. Secondly, you should avoid vague and indirect consultancy agencies. You should avoid consultants who are not willing to show you link reports from both former and existing clients. Your best option would be to connect with experts like Dr. Sean at O360.

Forgetting Image Tags

It is highly advisable that you have a web page with brilliant images. This adds value to your content and engages the users more. However, images seen on a website are usually invisible to average bots. You must ensure that all images used on your site are optimized. All your images must be accompanied by a caption at the bottom. This will help improve their visibility drastically. Use real descriptions with keywords where necessary.

Ignoring Mobile and Voice Searches

As a website owner, you should ensure that your website is mobile friendly. You can do this by testing your site’s mobile friendliness on Google. If your site is not mobile friendly, specialists advise that you make this a priority. Consider paying close attention to voice searches, they are a developing trend. The use of digital voice assistants has been on the rise over the past few years. Voice searches are longer than normal searches. This trend is expected to have a big impact on the keyword strategy.

You must always keep abreast with emerging trends. Avoid making the mistakes mentioned above. Avoiding these mistakes will attract traffic to your website. These visitors can be turned into clients.

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