What Chiropractors Should Look for in A Website

Everyone knows that having an online presence is important for a successful business structure. Competition has changed. People used to go to the newspaper or listen to the radio to hear about new products or services that were coming out that they might be interested in. Times have changed drastically. Now, people carry around phones with internet access at all times. If they are ever interested in something, they simply pull out their phones and find it themselves. This is the reason why having an online presence is vital; however, when people don’t find what they’re looking for on the first attempt, they simply change their search engine query. They rarely click to the next page. Therefore, it is important that the website lands on this first page. This is the crux of chiropractic website design and the important factors in website design for chiropractors will be discussed below. What are the important factors in a website design that chiropractors should consider?

Start with the URL

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When people are setting up a website, they often think about their URL first. This is important because the domain name and the URL are important for the identity of the website. This is what people will always associate with the website so it should be something the owner of the website is comfortable with in addition to a URL that will help the website rank highly. Think about the characters in the URL and design the domain name in a way that only has keywords that are relevant to the business and help people remember what the website is about in some form. In addition, try to avoid URL addresses that are too long because people will have a hard time remembering the website. Try to avoid using hyphens as well because people commonly forget about them or confuse them with underscores. Remember that the URL should give visitors some clue as to what the website is about.

The Images are an Important Part of the Ranking Battle

By images, this doesn’t just mean still pictures. This includes everything that could possibly be related to the multimedia of the website. The graphics are important because search engines look at these graphics and consider them in their ranking results. First, the search engine is going to look at the dates that are tagged on the images and videos. This is important because the more recent the videos and images are, the higher the website is going to rank. This is because the entire idea behind the rankings is to find websites that the customer is going to be interested in. Web sites that haven’t been updated in a long time are unlikely to be relevant to the search engine query. This will hurt the website’s ranking. Therefore, the design of the images and videos on the website is vital. Try to design a website with recent multimedia graphics for a higher ranking on the search results query. This will increase the visibility of the practice and grow the customer base.

The Game has Changed and Responsive Website Design is Required

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People who remember using older versions of smartphones will remember the little “m” that used to appear in front of some websites. This signified that the website was “mobile friendly.” What this also meant was that the website was designed specifically for mobile devices and didn’t show up well, if at all, on a desktop. The reverse was also true. People remember the frustration that used to boil over when people tried to share websites across different devices and platforms and the entire point of the conversation hit a roadblock. Now, this is a problem of the past. People may not have noticed but most websites now show up just as well on computers as they do on mobile devices. This is called responsive web design and everyone designing a website with ranking in mind definitely needs to gear their websites towards this idea. Responsive web design is important because this is what the visitors want. They don’t want to have to bounce between their phone and their computer to coordinate the information they’re looking for. They want to have it all in one place and be able to view it across all devices. Web sites that have a responsive design are going to rank higher.

Design a Website with Keywords in Mind

Everyone has heard about keywords. For those who may not know exactly what is meant by keywords, keywords are certain words or phrases that are commonly used by people entering search queries into the search engine. On the most basic level, the search engine is going to search a website for matches to these key phrases in certain places. If it finds those keywords, it will assume that the website is more relevant and the website will rank higher. Therefore, it is important that the website design is built with these keywords in mind. This doesn’t mean simply stuffing the web page with these keywords because the search engines are onto this strategy. The keywords need to be used in certain places and in the right amounts to affect the rankings.

Take the Time to Guide the Visitors

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Everyone has visited websites that are seemingly impossible to get around. There aren’t any menus or links that are available to help the visitor find what they’re looking for. This is unbelievably frustrating for everyone involved and search engines know this. Therefore, they will look for intuitive sitemaps. For those who don’t know, a sitemap is a little menu with links that helps to guide visitors around the website. This helps people find what they’re looking for quickly. If search engines see this sitemap as they comb the depths of the internet, they will think that the website is more relevant to the needs of the visitor because it is easier to navigate. This translates into an improved visibility for the practice and a growing customer base. To improve the visibility of the practice, make sure to include a sitemap as part of the chiropractic website design.

These are only a few of the many points that people should keep in mind when thinking about website design for chiropractors. The most important point to remember is that the website should be designed with the needs of the customer and the ranking of the website in mind. People can’t schedule an appointment with a practice that they don’t know exists. Online marketing is key and establishing a strong ranking for the practice with a relevant website is important.

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