Top 7 Pediatric Dental Websites in 2018

In search of the best Pediatric Dentists we recognize that parents begin their search for a pediatric dentist on the Internet, reviewing local pediatric dental websites before making an appointment. The parent will  look for a qualified and friendly professional with a strong online reputation and an office environment that is welcoming and hospitable toward children. A great pediatric dental website appeals to both the parent and the child patient, and offers something of value and comfort to both.

Here are just a few of the best Pediatric Dental Websites through mid-2018. Feel free to click on the image to take a closer look at the details of the project and how these websites came to be

Firefly Children’s Dentistry

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This wining pediatric dentistry website contains all elements of today’s modern designs and it’s just plain fun. Mixing just the right amount of animation and color this website flows and moves so seamlessly. The navigation invites the user to scroll a little bit more as it teases and presents the content in such a compelling manner.

Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics
of Murfreesboro

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Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics of Murfreesboro is a fine example of a website that communicates how customer care begins before they reach the office. Through the cheerful and childlike imagery on the main page, a conversation starts with their younger patients showing that there is nothing to fear. Every visual element of this site is aimed at the people that matter most, their patients. Parents are provided with valuable information, but the format remains friendly and playful to a child’s eyes.

Overview Of The Design

Bright colors, endless smiles, and a presentation of services in a font that is reminiscent of children’s books show the focus of this site. The animated characters found on the home page help to ease a child’s anxiety about visiting a dentist, while the information is presented in a way that allows the parent to research the child’s visit without imagery that will set the little patient ill at ease. It’s a perfect approach for a child-focused business, especially a service that may otherwise frighten younger patients.

Pasadena Children’s Dentistry

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This website was designed to cater to the youngest dental patients and those who have yet to develop a fear of going to the dentist. The playful, childlike elements of the website make it clear to parents who are visiting that these are professionals who don’t just know how to serve children but have a passion for providing them with a welcoming environment that will make their dental visits a thing to look forward to, not dread.

Overview Of The Design

Bright, comforting blues, a panoply of primary colors, smiling faces and groups of children having fun, and playful animated characters that are recognizable from every stage of these young patients lives are laced through the website at every turn. From the choice of font to the dancing links, researching your child’s dental visit becomes something they’ll want to participate in, or at least will keep them smiling while visitors scroll through the website.

South Bay Kids Dentistry

Shutterstock 298253444

Overview Of The Design

It’s bright; it’s fun, it’s welcoming. All of these elements will come together to help ease the anxiety of children viewing the site while telling their parents that these dentists know their business. Quick access to scheduling shows they respect a busy parents time while social media links are a testament to the importance of ongoing information about dental and oral care. A quick mention is made of how the office will accommodate the patients while they wait, speaking of amenities that will ensure they spend their wait happily distracted and comfortable.

Use Of Colors

When you’re targeting children with your pediatric website design, you want to use bright, bold colors that boost confidence in patients who might be nervous about seeing the dentist. Bright smiling faces and comforting blues bring this site a fun and playful air that encourages little customers to look forward to their visit. For parents of those patients, it sends a message to a child-friendly environment who understands the needs of their real customers.

Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry

Shutterstock 1175683054 1

Pediatric dental websites allow for greater creativity in their design and appearance than many other types of medical specialties. For Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we wanted to create a space that reflects the friendly and gentle nature of the practice. The design is playful, combining colorful illustration with images of smiling children. A traditional navigation menu anchors the top of the page, and image links to four spotlighted sections of the website take center stage. The remainder of the home page emphasizes the practice commitment to preventative care, followed by an introduction to the dentists and a few parent reviews.

The remainder of this website offers an in-depth exploration of patient educational resources, including a comprehensive pediatric dental library, multiple videos, and a link to the practice blog. We also included a section for additional office information, financial policies, patient reviews, and what to do in case of a pediatric dental emergency. Finally, the contact page includes directions to each of the practice locations, as well as an integrated appointment request form.

OC Kids Dental

Shutterstock 1096168376

The philosophy of OC Kids Dental is centered around the promotion of good oral hygiene habits and education of dental growth and development. Dr. Cima Mazar-Atabaki believes that a healthy smile leads to a healthy child and they are here to promote great dental habits.

Dr. Cima envisioned her kids dental website to be fun and interactive. A smooth animation of clouds creates a comforting atmosphere for parents and young patients who will be visiting her office. Information about her practice is easily accessible while integrated with her colorful illustrations both at the top and bottom of the website.

Jersey City Pediatric Dentistry

Shutterstock 671780692

Jersey City Pediatric Dentistry has dedicated its dental care to children and creating an office environment that is comfortable for them to go to. This pediatric website was customized for Dr. Wilma McPherson and includes a great deal of colors, similar to the colors she has chosen for her office. We have provided her customized content along with videos.

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