Top 10 Dental Marketing Companies

The Best Agencies for Dentists

  1. Optimized360
  2.  KickStart Dental Marketing
  3.  Dental Marketing Guy
  4.  Blue Corona
  5.  Wonderist
  6.  Affordable Image
  7.  Healthcare Success
  8.  My Dental Agency
  9. Geek Dental Marketing
  10.  Dominate Dental

Whether you are a new practice hoping to establish an online presence, or an experienced practice hoping to expand and reach new patients, a marketing agency is an excellent method for dentists to attract members of the local community in need of dental services.

The demands of running a practice and a lack of experience in SEO and digital marketing make it difficult for dentists to gain traction in the online community on their own. A marketing agency will take the brunt of the work and allow practices to reach their full digital potential.

In order for dentists to find a practice that fits their vision for expansion we have taken the liberty of ranking the top 10 dental marketing companies.

1. Optimized360

screenshot of website

O360 takes a unique approach in dentist marketing as the founder Dr. Sean Fahimi worked as a general dentist for over 15 years. Customer satisfaction is a #1 priority for the rapidly expanding company as they understand the perspective of the dentist like no other marketing company. Their expertise in innovating to the constantly changing world of the internet leaves many of their clients on the front page of search results.

Visit Optimized 360 website at

2. KickStart Dental Marketing

KickStart Dental Marketing front page screenshot

In a world where online presence for dentists is becoming more and more important KickStart Dental Marketing prides themselves on transparency only working with one dentist per area. Their approach focuses on helping practices convey what makes them unique for patients interested in dental work.

Visit KickStart Dental Marketing website at

3. Dental Marketing Guy

Dental marketing guy front page screenshot

The Dental Marketing Guy brand was founded on the basis of collaboration between client and company. The intention of the DMG is primarily to land his clients on the front page of search results and secondarily to teach his clients about proper use of SEO. This two-pronged approach helps dentists feel more comfortable about what is being done to their brand online.

Visit Dental Marketing Guy website at

4. Blue Corona

Blue Corona front page screenshot.

Blue Corona has one clear mission, to use technology and the internet to dramatically improve the digital marketing of its clients. With the help of Blue Corona, companies are effectively able to track advertising results and gain leads from the web.

Visit Blue Corona website at

5. Wonderist

Wonderist front page screenshot

The main vision of Wonderist is to meet all of its clients needs. At any time of day, they will be available to answer phone calls and emails and are focused on adapting their strategies based on their client’s wishes.

Visit Wonderist website at

6. Affordable Image

Affordable Image front page screenshot

As the dental business model changes, Affordable Image seeks to help clients navigate through the shift in patient demographics, and financing and insurance options. Affordable Image also helps their clients stand out against ever-increasing competition.

Visit Affordable Image website at

7. Healthcare Success

Healthcare Success front page screenshot

Healthcare Success employs a team of specialists dedicated to attracting new patients and increasing the quality of branding for all healthcare organizations. With both experience and skill Healthcare Success provides unmatched digital marketing designed for clients to achieve their specific goals.

Visit Healthcare Success website at

8. My Dental Agency

My Dental Agency front page screenshot

Using eye-catching imagery, My Dental Agency works to attract new patients while engaging existing patients. My Dental Agency also brings experience to the table sporting 15+ years performing successful digital marketing campaigns and 10 years working in the dental industry.

Visit My Dental Agency website at

9. Geek Dental Marketing

Geek Dental Marketing front page screenshot.

Geek Dental Marketing works with practices all over the nation with the goal of transforming the way their clients do business. Their idea-oriented approach helps clients access a plethora of new patients and continuously innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

Visit Geek Dental Marketing website at

10. Dominate Dental

Dominate Dental front page screenshot.

Dominate Dental seeks to be seen as a dental marketing partner as oppose to a digital marketing agency because their primary goal is to work seamlessly with their clients to improve implementation and delivery of new digital marketing strategies. Dominate Dental uses methods such as SEO and PPC to reach as many patients as possible for their clients.

Visit Dominate Dental website at

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