The Importance of Custom Web Design

Choosing a custom web design for your dental or medical practice provides you with an opportunity to have a unique identity beyond that provided by template website design services. By blending the culture and business processes of your company in with your online marketing strategy you’ll be able to target the specific audiences that are appropriate for your business. In addition to these benefits, custom web design provides additional important benefits:

Unique Design

Throughout your website, you’ll be able to customize the appearance of your video and email marketing to optimize your calls to action in a way that will drive new patient conversion. Platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Wix, just to name a few, provide you with a broad variety of template website options, but none of these are going to carry quite the weight of a uniquely designed custom-tailored website.

Mobile Optimization

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Most of these options don’t provide you with the ability to present your website mobile optimized style in a way the supports both your business and the visitor’s platform. Mobile optimization is absolutely vital to a modern business’s website, as the majority of web traffic in our modern on the go world comes from mobile devices, especially phones. This kind of customization simply isn’t available on platforms like Squarespace and Muse.

Social Network Implementation

It’s all well and good to have a social network button pointing to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but custom website design allows you to leverage these platforms even further. With one click your visitors can share a prepared Facebook post, share a tweet, or send an Instagram photo to their followers, all without leaving your website.


Enhanced Content Marketing With SEO and PPC

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Whether you’re presenting the products and services your company provides, or are blogging about the latest advancements in your industry, you’re going to need to reach your audience. SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) methods are both effective, but with a custom designed website, you can make it work for your specific target audience.  Even better a custom designed website can leverage both of these together in a way that’s even more effective than either one alone.

The Benefits Of Planning

One subtle end result of using custom web design is the need to plan ahead. Sometimes the ease with which a DIY site can be put together results in a site that feels slapped together rather than planned as a cohesive whole. When going through the planning stages involved in custom web design you’ll have to consider every angle, something best done with the assistance of an expert in the field. You’ll be surprised to find how many little decisions go into making the site, and how much having an active hand in those decisions can affect the end result.

When you’re preparing to build a website for your practice, give it the best online presence you can by investing in a custom designed website. Our team of experts at Optimized360 will be there to help you through the process, combining their expertise with your vision to create a website that is perfect for your business and your clientele.

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