Spot These 5 Issues and You’ll Know It’s Time for a Website Update

Your dental or medical practice’s website is an extension of your front office. It’s often the first thing a new patient sees, so it’s a powerful tool to make a great first impression. A productive, effective, successful website attracts new patient, draws them in closer, so they will want to learn more about your practice and ultimately reach out and become new patients. A website that has seen better days can do the exact opposite.

We have researched and identified the Top 5 issues related to your website’s effectiveness to help you determine if it’s finally time to reach out to the professionals and start the process of a website makeover.

1) It’s Visually Challenging

This shouldn’t be news to you but, looks do matter. While it’s important that your website function and the user experience is smooth, it also needs to look fresh and modern, not like it’s stuck in the 1990s. Plus, poor navigation is one of the key reasons a website loses its new patient opportunities. This can be true even if your website is visually appealing and has relevant fresh content. It also makes it difficult for search engines to crawl and index a website which will ultimately impact your search rankings.

2) It’s Not Mobile-Responsive & Mobile Friendly

According to Statistica, mobile traffic is responsible for 52.2 percent of all Internet traffic in 2018 and Google now determines its search rankings on the mobile rather than the desktop version of a dental or medical website. If your website does not utilize responsive design, it certainly makes more sense to build a new custom website from scratch using a mobile-first approach rather than trying to rebuild your existing website with mobile-friendly elements.

Take Action:
Check your website’s mobile-friendliness with this handy online tool from Google.

3) The Content that’s there Doesn’t Reflect Your Practice Today

First impressions may be determined by the design and style of your website, but that’s just the beginning. Once your website has their attention, your site needs to move things along and further impress these visitors with great content that is relevant to their interests and curiosity. The story your website conveys should be interesting while also providing important information about the services your practice offers.

Undertaking a redesigning of your website is a great opportunity to review and update your content. Be sure that your staff or the professionals you hire write a message that is simple, on-point, and effective in converting visitors into patients. Read more about writing fresh, engaging content in this article.

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4) Your Website is Not Secure

Does your website have an SSL Certificate? Google has started to identify websites that don’t support this level of security. Security matters to everyone. If your website does not use SSL security, then it is time to update it.

Take Action:
You can check if your website has SSL security by going to your website and look next to the URL in the address bar. Do you see a little green padlock symbol and the word “Secure”? If so, you’re good to go. If your website is not secure or has warnings of mixed content, it will eventually be flagged and will drop in search engines rankings. If your site is not secure, it is time for a complete makeover.

5) Your Website is Slower than Molasses

Your website has one main objective – to grab the attention of your visitors within seconds of their arrival to your website and make them interested in your practice. While the four points above play a part in this process, none of them will apply if your visitors become impatient waiting for your website to load. Load times have become so critical that Google is now rewarding websites that load fast with better search results rankings. That’s right, Google may place you higher in search results if your website loads faster than those of your local competitors.

Take Action:
Run over to Google’s online website speedometer and see how well your website is doing.


Your Website Is Not Delivering the New Patients that It Once Did

If you have experienced a significant drop in web traffic and new patient inquiries, your visitors are clearly not finding and experiencing what they’re looking for, and you might want to consider a complete website upgrade to help bring them back.

How’d You Score?

Your dental or medical website is probably doing a few of these things pretty well and some not so well. So is it time to formally pull the trigger and perform a website redesign? That, of course, is up to you. Keep this in mind, your competition is eager to take your patients from you. Your patients want to see that you’re eager to keep in great digital communication with them.

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