Modern Web Design Trends to Consider for Your Medical Website

When creating a website, it can be tempting to incorporate all of the latest trends. But a crowded, unorganized website is just as bad as no website at all. In fact, one of the most common frustrations for users of websites is an inability to find what they’re looking for and a lack of simplicity. It seems counterintuitive to the day and age we live in, but people appreciate simplicity. They appreciate being able to easily get and share information.

Website design requires empathy. You need to clearly understand what your users want and what they need, and determine the best way to deliver that information to them. It might mean you decrease the number of pages or change your navigation. Regardless, understanding how to make a website that works for users will ensure they’re happy and your medical website design is not in vain.

The world of medicine is rapidly changing. And just like the world of medicine, website design for medical professionals is constantly changing. Here’s a list of trends and tips that could help you take your website to the next level.

Background Videos

More and more websites are using looping background videos to add texture to their website without ruining the balance between white space and content. Because background videos typically lack audio, they need to very obviously communicate the message of your website.

When marketing for medical practices it might show a plastic surgeon displaying breast implants to a patient in his or her office or a dentist cleaning teeth. Whatever the content, it needs to be done tastefully and clearly.

Video is an incredibly effective marketing strategy because people tend to respond to it faster than text. When they see a video of a doctor helping a patient, they see themselves being served by that doctor. It elicits an empathic response that motivates them to take action.

While video used to be a no-no because of how long it took to load, today’s connections both and home and on mobile devices are so fast that high definition video is often the go-to choice for these background videos.

Bold Font and Typography

Medical website Design professional at her laptop looking at the the word "Fonts" displayed on her screen

Font and Typography are something that most people don’t put much thought into, but they also don’t realize what an incredible effect it has on marketing and how people perceive your brand. A large, thicker font is commanding of attention. A slimmer font with tall letters might appear more sleek and luxurious. Think about all of your favorite brands. Apple, Microsoft, Android – they all have their own fonts that clearly communicate what their brand is about. Their brand essence, if you will.

Including bold font and typography in marketing for medical practices can help drive home more important points you want your patients to see. It might be highlighting messaging for a new procedure or a special offer. Use the font to direct the user’s’ eyes where you want them to go.

Large Hero Images

You’ve likely seen many websites with large, attractive images across the top of their website’s pages. These hero images are often high definition and should be responsive to accommodate users on mobile devices and tablets.

The purpose of a large hero image is to get away from the above the fold and below the fold thinking and motivate people to want more from the page. When an image speaks to someone they’re more likely to scroll down and take further action. Their emotions push them to keep reading. And, ensuring their responsiveness will promise a great user experience to all users and eliminate any frustrations that would likely come from a non-responsive image.

Hamburger Menus

Image of 4 different types of hamburger menus used in medical website design

No, we’re not talking about the menu at your local McDonald’s. Hamburger menus are aptly named that because of their stacked hamburger like appearance. Hamburger menus take up less space and with simplicity and space at a premium in website design for healthcare professionals, you can rest confident this menu will meet the needs of your users and your business goals.

A busy navigation distracts people from getting to where they want to go, whereas a more simplified navigation like the hamburger option will allow people to pay more attention to page content before navigating away. Additionally, these menus render particularly well on mobile devices, making them incredibly user-friendly.

Card Design

The card design relies heavily on high-quality images. Because people process images much fast than words, navigating websites that are designed with cards tends to improve the user experience as well as their perception of your business. This trend has exploded as sharing more visual content has increased on social networks.

Websites designed with this layout should be responsive and rely only on the highest quality images. It’s often worthwhile to stage a photoshoot with a photographer to get custom, high definition images for each square. The initial cost will pay off in the end and you can repurpose those images in brochures, social media, and other marketing avenues.

Feature Videos

Image of laptop computer displaying video play button on its screen

Video content is exploding in the online world. And, an astounding 80% of videos viewed on social media are viewed without audio. What does this mean to you? It means that if you create quality, short, informative video that can be embedded on your website and shared on social, you’re more likely to get engagement. Engagement is the number of people viewing your videos and interacting with them by sharing or liking them. Each time a person engages with a video, whether on your website or social media, you are establishing a touchpoint with them and potentially their entire online network of friends. Just be sure to add captions to your videos so that people know what you’re talking about.

A well-done feature video should talk about the service you’re highlighting, why you’re the right medical professional to do the job, and how you go about accomplishing what you do. Additionally, including a call-to-action at the end of the video can get people to schedule an appointment or call your office for additional information. It’s important to track how people are interacting with the video and whether they’re actually taking an action after viewing it, helping to monitor your ROI.

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