Google Ads for Dentists, Do I Need a Consultant?

Tackling Google PPC isn’t for the timid, you may want to consider some professional help.

For those unfamiliar with Google Ads (formerly AdWords), it is the world’s leading online advertising platform, generating more collective traffic and exposure for advertisers than all other online ad platforms combined. The Google Ads marketing platform uses a very specific type of digital advertisement known as Pay Per Click ads (PPC), where the advertiser is charged a predetermined rate each time that their advertisement is clicked. This is much different in contrast to display advertising, where advertisers are charged for the number of times their advertisement displays on a web user’s browser. Display-based advertising typically generates far fewer ad conversions than the Google Ads PPC model.

PPC Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy

According to data collected in early 2018, Google web searchers click on Google PPC ads roughly 15% of the time. The remaining 85% jumped straight to the organic (SEO-based) search results. This is why quality SEO remains a cornerstone of all digital marketing objectives. By creating valuable content and optimizing it to rank for carefully-researched keywords, you can entice Google to rank your website for key terms and phrases in the long run without having to pay each time some web searcher clicks on your ad. But generating volumes of quality content, publishing it regularly and harvesting backlinks to your content can take weeks, even months to see results in rankings. That’s why supplementing your SEO efforts with PPC is a great idea.

Is Google’s Ad Platform Difficult To Operate?

For a small business or sole proprietor, such as a dental clinic or doctor’s office, Google’s ad platform can be perceived anywhere from user-friendly and easy to operate to terribly frustrating and challenging to navigate. Typically, it should only take several days to a couple of weeks to become proficient in setting up and driving your own effective ad campaigns, even if you have a very small amount of IT or digital marketing experience. There are also a vast number of blogs and video tutorials online that offer tremendously helpful strategies, tips, and tricks that can assist anyone wanting to learn more about the advertising platform.

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When Should I Use an Advertising Consultant to Run Google’s Ad Platform?

If you operate a medium size to a large company with a substantial advertising budget, then it is usually best to solicit the help of an experienced advertising consultant or digital marketing agency to help manage your advertising campaigns. A single location dental office might think it is capable of managing an online advertising campaign on their own, however, if you own a multi-chain dental or medical franchise then you’re going to need help in making sure that you get the largest return on your advertising investment. PPC ads can generate huge volumes of traffic in several hours or days, racking up thousands of dollars in advertising expenses. If you aren’t extremely proficient or adequately staffed to handle such an expensive and fast paced advertising model then it is a must that you hand over the task to a professional marketing agency.

Are Dentist or Medical Related Ads Expensive?

Typically, dentist and medical-related advertisements on Google’s ad platform are moderately priced, depending on your location, specialties, and treatments. What that means exactly is that they are likely to be cheaper than financial or investment ads, but more expensive to run than many e-commerce ads. The specific costs of ads typically have a default price per keyword, with an additional bidding variable that allows you to increase or decrease the rank and exposure rate of the placement of your ad. Knowing what to pay for an ad and how aggressively to bid on an individual keyword or keyword string will largely depend on conversion rates. These ad rate systems can be understood by most people, however, an experienced consultant can generally fine-tune an ad campaign to run at a much higher ROI than what a do it yourself advertiser is going to achieve.

Are Google Advertising Agencies and Consultants Expensive to Hire?

Hiring an advertising consultant or digital agency to manage your dental marketing campaigns can greatly vary in costs. The consultancy costs will typically depend on how advanced the advertising campaign is and what sort of ad budget you intend to work with. Some ad consultants charge a base or flat rate fee for their consultancy services, while others offer a performance fee that is based on the conversion rate of your ad campaign. Consultants that use the performance-based fee rate will typically only work with large to corporate size ad campaigns, with it being somewhat uncommon for small consultants to accept anything but a flat rate service fee.

Local vs. National Ads

Most dentists, doctors, and other clinical practitioners will be interested in using Google’s ad platform to market to a local audience rather than a national or state-wide audience. Local ad campaigns tend to be much more expensive to run than state-wide or national ad campaigns because the potential traffic gain from these local ad niches is much smaller and thus competition for this traffic is far more competitive. If you get a dozen dentist offices competing for the same set of keywords then ad bids can get as high as five dollars per click. When keyword bids require a very large sum of money to compete for then it is can be very difficult to run a cost-effective campaign and see a worthwhile ROI. This is another area where a consultant can come in handy, as they are experienced enough to get you the traffic exposure you need while minimizing ad campaign costs and increasing your ROI.

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How to Find the Right Professional Ad Consultant?

Finding a professional digital marketing consultant to run and manage your Google ad campaign is quite simple. There are many digital ad consultancy companies that operate online and can be easily found through a simple Google search query. Large and small consultant agencies can vary in their professionalism and service results, so it is important to conduct a due diligence analysis on any ad consultant you intend to hire. If you hire an ad consultant that is not able to produce a decent ROI then it is advisable to move on to another one quickly until you find the consultant that will provide the best service for your company.

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