Difference in Designing a Dental or Medical Logo

For decades, people have trusted healthcare providers to offer life-saving services at their time of need.  As a result, medics have accumulated lots of responsibility to save and sustain life at all costs. However, over the years, the healthcare sector has transformed into a thriving enterprise worth trillions of dollars. Besides, diversification has led to the emergence of medical branches such as the dentistry and optical among others.

When business comes into the picture from a medical point of view, then the rules change as ethics and principles guiding the trade ought to conform to the delicate business. Companies and individuals advertise their services hoping to win lots ofnew clients. Designing logos and advertisements for a medical or dental business get different as you are selling life-saving services and have to comply with the existing rules. Unlike in conventional industry where the primary goal of a logo or advert is to catch the eye of your potential clients, medical ones have a slight difference in appearance, content, and intention.

Critical Differences of a Medical Logos

  • The colors of the advertisement and logo
  • Intention and content
  • Communication

The dental industry is one of the medical fields that have experienced plenty of change compared to other sectors. Technology and the changes in the mode of operations account for the differences making the business entirely different from the conventional ones. The landscape keeps on changing making it difficult for a practitioner to keep up. The slightest failure to keep up with current trends often causes a loss of clients, as they want to shop for the best.

What Should Be Communicated Through the Use of a Logo?

It is essential to note that customers worldwide will judge a business by the content of their brand. When an ad, marketing material or even a logo lacks creativity and fails to showcase all the services offered, it becomes less attractive to a consumer. Besides, customers will review the quality of services rendered and the slightest of variations from what has advertised leads to loss of business.

The color of Logos

If you are keen on checking ads, you will notices logos, and other advertisement materials in the medical sector use blue as their primary color. In more than 85%  of the logos, blue appears as the primary color. The choice of color makes medical ads more distinct and more comfortable to distinguish from other businesses.

Blue in most cases is linked to trust, perfect knowledge, tranquility, and security. Thus, the colors communicate the above making it easier for the clients to trust the facility and the doctor offering the services. It is for this reason; the pricing structure in the medical field appears different from the typical businesses where clients will want to save every coin. Industry leaders in the sector tend to use the blue color in nearly all their documents to showcase their competence and mastery of the trade.


One of the most important aspects to consider while choosing a health facility is checking on the general hygiene of a clinic. As a result, the choice of bright colors such as blue that does not harbor dirt is appropriate. Clients can determine the cleanliness of a facility by observing the colors used in the logos. Besides, the bright colors tend to be more welcoming.

When you narrow down to the dental industry, you will consider the following points as distinguishing factors, unlike the standard business logos.

Tooth Logo

When offering dental services, though it is common to want to communicate about the tooth and nothing else, it is essential to incorporate lots of creativity in making the logo such that it includes a tooth. Colors and slight variations in the shape of the tooth among other creative moves can be used to have the advert appear modern and convincing. Besides, creativity is a viable tool to showcase a personality and competence.

More Than Just a Logo

Though it is typical for logos in the dental industry to showcase a tooth, it ought to be more than just the tooth. Creativity and instilling the values of the business should be natural to identify and associate with for patients.

Logos To Illuminate a Smile And Cultivate Hope

Making clients smile due to the quality and content of a logo distinguish a medical and a business logo. Medical institutions have a responsibility of instilling hope and confidence in the lives of people before breaking even. So they ought to communicate that in their logos to win the trust of patients. The ads should incorporate a happy mouth before everything else to get the best of results. 

Patient-Doctor Relationship

One more distinct feature a medical ad should communicate is the cordial relationship between the doctor and a patient. When a potential customer examines the link, they can establish the seriousness of a facility. Thus, a medical logo ought to communicate more than the services rendered by a facility and tell the world of the relationships that exist. For these reasons, the medical logos not only speak about the existence of a facility but it communicates about the relations that exist between a doctor and a patient.

Finally, it is important to note your medical logo should not only communicate the unique services and personality but should reveal something about your competence and hygiene. Besides, the ads should be precise, if you are selling tooth services, then ensure that is very clear in the logo to avoid customers mistaking as the “jack of all trades and a master of none.”

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