Custom Designed Medical Websites: Individual Designer Vs. Optimized360

The way that you design your website will make all of the difference in the way that people perceive your entire medical practice. When it comes to keeping up with the latest trends in web design technology, you need a specialized team instead of an individual. Here are just a few of the reasons that Optimized360 will outpace an individual designer every time.

All Modern Professional Websites are Built Using a Team.

If you look around the modern online business landscape, you will not see very many websites built by a single person that can compete with an industry leader in that space. Modern web design has become far too nuanced. An individual would have to be an expert in 3D digital landscaping, security, optimization and many other disciplines in order to create a website that could last. This is why many website companies have formed teams of specialists, each person with his own expertise, who can come together in a collaborative effort for a website project.

Because each individual on the team has an expertise, each element of the website is built with more durability that it would be if a single person was doing it. As these separate elements come together, they create a more stable website that also looks and performs better. This is especially important in the medical industry. People will naturally assume that the quality of your practice coincides with the quality of your website, and Optimized360 can make sure that you are always putting your best foot forward.

Teams of Website Builders are Actually Less Expensive than Individuals.

Team of Website Developers for Medical Professionals

Believe it or not, a team of specialized experts will cost you less than hiring a single in-house web designer. When you delegate your medical web design to a company like Optimized360, you are giving your work to a group of people who are used to a high level of productivity in their discipline. They will be able to accomplish the work faster because they have more people working on the task at once. The combined experience of these experts working at once ensures that any hiccups in the process will be handled quickly, leading to a much faster endpoint than a single person could accomplish on his or her own.

This team is less expensive and an individual because of the volume they handle. Your in-house web designer is only working on, at best, a few websites for a few clients. He must charge more money in order to make his business profitable. However, an established business with a team of experts like Optimized360 will keep prices low because of the work volume they already have.

In-house web designers are also more expensive because you are paying for their downtime. No individual is going to be completely productive for the entire process of creating your website; however, you are paying for all of his hours on the project. If you hire this person on staff, then you are also paying for the administrative and operations fees that you will have to pay for any new employee. You may also incur health care costs based on the amount of time that you need this employee to service your website. This is not the case when you hire a third party company to do the work.

As an independent contractor, Optimized360 does not require you to take on expensive health care costs, administrative costs or HR costs. You will also save the costs on downtime.

More Durability Means Less Problems Over Time

If you build a more durable website upfront, then you save yourself a great deal of money down the road. There is nothing worse to a customer than to begin to trust a medical brand, only to see a 404 screen three months later because of a server-side incident. The industry of medicine is much less forgiving than other industries. When people need a doctor, they need that doctor immediately. If your website is down because an individual designer could not fully optimize the coding, you will lose patients that will never come back and may spread a negative word about you online.

Having your website done by a team of experts will help to ensure that you do not incur any expensive maintenance costs six months or a year down the road. Just this savings alone is enough to keep a team like Optimized360 in mind over an individual.

Improved Customer Service

Customer Service for Medical Practices

You get better customer service from a team than you would from an individual. A specialized team of experts will always be able to answer your question on the fly about anything, while an individual without a clear expertise may be forced to look up the answer somewhere else. In the meantime, you are losing patients and website uptime while the problem goes unsolved.

The customer service that you get down the line is essential to the maintenance of your website. No matter who builds your website, you will have questions at some point. You need a team that is fully equipped to handle your questions at any point in time without a delay. The team at Optimized360 has been doing this for years, and every question that you have will be answered quickly without any downtime for your website.

In the industry of medicine, your website is your window to the world. People will look at it before they ever consider coming into your practice. As such, your website needs to be as perfect as possible. Consider hiring the web design experts at Optimized360 instead of an individual so that you can receive all of the benefits that an exclusive team of experts has to offer. You need every edge that you can get in a highly competitive medical industry, and Optimized360 can help you to achieve your full potential online.

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