Best Medical Websites 2016

The People Spoke Through Google Review

Optimized 360 satisfies clients in the medical and dental fields, as is evidenced by its 5-star rating on Google. Whether a new website is needed or the overhaul of an existing site is due, we have the experience to meet your needs. We have optimized SEO, Search Engine Optimization, for more than 2,100 websites to ensure they receive the traffic they deserve online. Customized designs are more attractive and they are made with the patient in mind. Less time minding your web presence means you have more time to spend with patients.

Medical Websites Need Purpose and Solid Design

Medical practices are the businesses in need of an accessible web presence. New patients must be drawn to your website and current patients must be encouraged to stay. Websites that make click-through easy tend to provide tons of opportunities for patients to call or click for appointments. We get to know our clients so we can consistently provide proper representation with multiple online marketing strategies.

Optimized 360 understands SEO is crucial to launching your website.  Our marketing program helps our clients increase web visitors and therefore patient conversion. Clients can depend on customized graphics and content. Each medical website featured offers easy maneuverability from a unique introductory page. Videos are used to introduce people and to teach visitors about services and procedures available. Your website design is exclusive to your area, so you will stand out among peers. You retain ownership of the domain and design. Your website will be visible across social media and multiple platforms. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook will lead patients your way. Mobile friendly ads and web pages ensure prospective patients need only to click to make contact.

Five of the Top Medical Websites in 2016

Medical Website Design for Urgent Care

 Columbus Urgent Care welcomes visitors with the complementary pairing of mellow blues and rustic oranges. Text box color and words contrast for improved visibility. A call to action is available in various points on the site. Patient testimonials are prominent and help anchor the Urgent Care Center to the community.

Rowe Medical Aesthetics Website

 Rowe Aesthetics uses striking images on white backgrounds with words that pop in shades of gray and black. A sleek modern design eliminates website clutter and allows increased patient traffic. Simple banner photos depict aesthetic success. Thumbnails are geometric shapes with sharp angles and crisp photos which are labeled with available services and procedures.

Plastic Surgeon Website

 Sadik Plastic Surgery pulls from the beauty of nature and the human form. Shades of gold exude a regal permanence. Scroll through a unique introductory page that cycles essential information past the reader’s eye. Tans, browns, and blacks create a sophisticated ambiance that gives visitors a glimpse of the practice.

Medical Center Websites for Doctors

 Mahajan Medical Center displays its Mission Statement front-and-center. Simple geometric shapes in blues and whites are aesthetically pleasing. Bright light backgrounds and nature scenes are serene. Large rectangle thumbnails provide visible links to pertinent information and educational videos. Meet the Doctor and take a virtual tour of the office to get a feel for the atmosphere.

Medical Spa Website

 Gym Spa makes a statement with black and white prominently featured with red brand symbols. Photos are bold, fierce representations of healthy outcomes. Translucent accent/text boxes on the dramatic background provide visitors easy access to information and products. Overviews of health issues and possible solutions are clear and link to the appropriate related services and products.

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