6 Key Elements a Chiropractic Website Should Have

In the modern era of business, everyone knows that having a website is key. The website needs to be filled with key elements that search engines will latch onto. Mastering search engine optimization helps a practice’s web page wind up on the first page of the search results; however, this is only half the battle. Once people visit the website, the practice needs to convert these visitors into patients. When it comes to converting websites, there are a few keys that every chiropractic practice should keep in mind. This will help turn visitors into patients and will help grow a practice.

1. Make the Information Readable

It is normal for most practices to fill their pages with information that visitors will find useful. Most chiropractors are proud of their work and want to share the word with their visitors; however, having long blocks of text is going to scare off the visitors. Many people do not want to read long documents and therefore will be discouraged and go somewhere else if they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly. Break up long text documents with headers. This will help readers scroll through the document quickly to find the information that they’re looking for. Use bullet sand lists to help patients read easier. People like being able to scan the documents quickly. Finally, break up the long documents into short paragraphs. Make sure to use indentations. Using short paragraphs will help visitors feel like they’re moving quicker through the document. It is vital to keep the information readable. This will keep people on the page.

2. Provide Proof of Quality Care

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Every website is filled with companies and businesses claiming to provide the best service out there. Even the most laid back customer is aware of these claims and is not going to take these seriously. Therefore, the chiropractic practice needs to provide proof of quality service. How does a practice prove that they provide the quality care that people are interested in? Provide customer testimonials. Every practice has patients that are enamored with the care that they receive. These are the customers that come back regularly for check-ups and procedures. See if these patients are interested in providing a testimonial that will land on the web page. In exchange, offer a discount or a free item with the practice logo. These testimonials are key and customers will see that other people have had the outstanding experiences that the practice claims on the front page. Providing proof of quality service is one of the keys to getting visitors to convert into extra patients. Be sure that these land on the web page.

3. Offer Regular Opportunities to Schedule an Appointment

It is rare that people will sign up for an appointment with a chiropractic website just from looking at the home page. It is more common for people to flip through multiple pages on the web page before deciding to schedule an appointment. Therefore, provide regular opportunities for patients to schedule an appointment. This includes online scheduling, the practice’s physical location, and a phone number for people who aren’t comfortable scheduling an appointment online. Every web page has multiple pages that are filled with relevant information about the practice. This includes bios of the office staff and providers, the history of the practice, and maybe even a blog on information relevant to the practice. On all of these pages, provide an opportunity for patients to schedule an appointment. Research has shown that people are more likely to convert from visitors into patients if they have multiple opportunities to do so. Make this clear on every page. This will increase the chances of a visitor converting into an actual patient.

4. Test the Marketing Strategy Before Investing

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There are multiple medical marketing strategies that chiropractors will employ in an effort to bring in visitors and convert them into patients. Some strategies are better than others and some strategies vary in effectiveness depending on the specialty and the location throughout the country. Therefore, take advantage of some of the tools available to a web page prior to taking the time and money to put them on the page. There are companies that will take a marketing strategy and test it on virtual customers prior to rolling out the marketing strategy for real. This is a great way for chiropractic practices to see how effective a marketing strategy is before putting it to work. Practices can even test multiple strategies at one time and choose the strategy that is most effective. If the strategy doesn’t work, the practice can return to the drawing board. Test a strategy before investing in it.

5.Use a Call to Action

Sometimes, patients need to be directed to actually do something before they will actually do it. This is called a call to action. At the bottom of a web page or after an advertisement, instruct patients to do something. This could say, “call today to schedule an appointment” or “call the office for more information.” While this is simple and straightforward, research has demonstrated that it works. People are programmed to listen to commands. While this might not work on every visitor, it is an effective strategy that every chiropractic website should invest in. This doesn’t cost anything extra and is likely to convert extra visitors into patients. This will help a chiropractic practice to grow.

6. Use a Custom Website Design

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Most people who are familiar with search engine optimization know that chiropractic website designs come in a variety of flavors. Some people use a template design while other people choose to invest in custom website designs for chiropractors. Custom website designs for chiropractors aren’t just good for search engine optimization purposes. They are also good for converting visitors into patients. Patients are used to seeing template website designs and are more likely to think that all of these website designs are the same. This is why chiropractic website designs are taken into account when search engines are combing through the results ranking the different websites. People are more likely to convert from visitors into patients if they are looking at a unique chiropractic website. This communicates the message that the practice has taken the time to invest in their website design and will likely do the same with their patient care. Therefore, using a custom website design is key to converting visitors into patients. If practices invest in a custom website, they are likely to wind up with an effective website that converts visitors into a growing practice.  

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