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5 Tips to Keep Your Dental Practice Bustling Through the Holidays

The holiday season is approaching fast. It seems that as soon as the jack-o-lanterns are put away, the Christmas decorations make their first appearance. During the months of November, December and into January, dental practices can often experience slower than usual business. In this article, we will explore a few creative ways to take advantage of the holiday season, to build upon patient loyalty, and to reach into your community and find new patients.

1) Holiday Greeting Card

In addition to sharing good tidings with your existing patients, sending a custom dental greeting card is an opportunity to generate much-needed referrals. Your patients may display these dental-themed designs, providing their friends and family the chance to ask “who sent that fascinating holiday card?”

2) Holiday Promotions

“Family Time”
Think about attracting new patients during the winter season with holiday specials. Offer deals that include the entire family, so that these patients will want to bring the whole family in for a check-up. Present this as a Christmas gift to new patients to show your appreciation.

“Christmas Smile Whitening”
This is one of the best ways to expand and enhance your dental practice’s credibility in the local community! While it might appear you’re losing by offering lower-cost cleanings for the Christmas season, you have to look to the long term benefits this is going to award your practice!

3) Annual End of Year Email Newsletter

Don’t you just love that 3-page letter you get every year from your cousin Carol? Sure, we all enjoy learning about all the wonderful things that happened throughout the year. And your patients deserve this same love and affection.

Take the opportunity of a year’s closing and another starting to spread the word about your practice. What team members did you add this year? Any new procedures added to your services? Did you participate in any community events? Pour yourself a cup of eggnog and put down on paper all the great things your practice accomplished this year.

Use popular email marketing services such as MailChimp or Constant Contact (both offer free subscriptions for small databases) to send these eblasts.

Think about how you can make the most of the fact that many of your patients make New Year resolutions to improve their appearance and to take better care of themselves.

4) Get Busy on Social Media

Now that you’ve designed a few holiday promotions and have reviewed your past year, looking forward to the new year – let’s publish this as a stream of posts on your social media accounts.

Get your camera ready and shoot some great photos of your dental office decorated for the holidays. Are you having a holiday party? If so, post photos and tag (with permission) all of your happy team members. Their followers will see how generous and admired you are and want to check you out.

5) Sound Sincere, Thankful & Positive

Once we’ve chased away the goblins having paid them off with sugary treats, the holiday season is about thankfulness, gratitude, blessings, gifts and a renewal of hope for the new year. Everything your practice touches should be wrapped up in an expression of joy.

Your dental practice should never forget the plain truth that you’re running a business and need to promote yourself above and beyond your competition. Doing this in a positive fashion is one way to illustrate your authenticity and originality as well.

Happy Holidays! Implement these tips and tactics and watch your practice grow and gain recognition within your community.

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