5 Things Your Patients and Future Patients Want From You Online

We’ve built nearly 3000 websites for dentists and other medical professionals and we’ve learned quite a great deal about what your website visitors intend to do on your website. Here are the 5 most important things your patients want to know and discover about you when the searching and finding you online.

1) Quite a Bit about the Doctor

Normally found on your “About Us” or “Meet the Doctor” page, this where you tell your web visitors more about your office structure, including information about how long you’ve been in your unique specialty, your background and education, achievements, awards, etc. A compelling biography about the doctor should read like a story and will help patients emotionally connect with you and your practice.


  • Write in the third person, as if someone else was talking about you.
  • Keep this compact. Write in short, easy to reads paragraphs, use bullet points whenever possible and only include important details that are relevant to the doctor’s skills and practice.
  • Optional and often charming, you may choose to include personal or interesting facts about yourself, such as where you grew up, special interests and hobbies, to reflect who you are outside of the office.
  • Here’s a must-have Include a professional photograph so that new patients can put a smiling face to a name prior to their first appointment.
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2) To Be Introduced to Your Staff

You and your office staff are key to the promotion and success of your brand. A brand’s personality is really only an extension of your personality as a doctor the team’s leader.

Your patients and the ones that aren’t yours quite yet, want to connect with your team. They want to be set at ease and be comfortable that your staff will tend to their needs and those of their family. A webpage dedicated to your team can accomplish this.


  • Post a well-lit group photo of your current team in a familiar or comfortable setting. If your front office can accommodate this photoshoot, great. Other ideas are outside your building, out in a park, down by the lake, at the beach, any setting where there is peace and enjoyment.
  • Include a brief bio on each team member by name. Try and keep this light and personal.
  • Include information about what your team members do when they’re not in the office. Your patients may find a personal connection with a team member and that’s great for your overall branding.

3) Positive Ratings with Detailed Patient Reviews

Your next new patients are just like every other web user, they rely heavily on online reviews when they’re choosing whether or not to do business with you. A recent article in Inc. Magazine identified that 84% percent of people trust online reviews as much as a personal referral.


4) Accepted Insurance Plans and Financial Options

Our first-hand research shows that a great majority of dental and medical website visitors are hoping to discover if certain insurance plans are accepted, if financial options or payment plans are available, or any indication of flexibility on how they will pay for your services.


Check with your website company and ask them to include a ‘slideshow gallery” of insurance and payment options that your office accepts. These often provide a great visual enhancement, add credibility and help ease the patient’s mind about the upcoming costs.

image of a mobile phone with detailed mapping and directions to a business.

5) Phone Number, Office Hours & Driving Directions

This may seem obvious, but it’s often neglected or buried. Your patients are using their mobile devices and computers to perform research, to find someone just like you. Don’t make it hard to find the information they desperately need.

Your website should prominently display your office phone number, hours of operation and detailed, mobile-friendly mapping with directions. This information is typically located in the header and/or footer of your website as part of a well-designed Call-to-Action element.


  • Contact your web design agency and ask them to walk you through some ideas on how to optimized your contact information and gain the greatest connection with your patients online.

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