Follow These Steps If You’re Considering Rebranding Your Practice Online

Rebranding your practice online isn’t just about redesigning a logo, it will cover just about every aspect of your practice, from your website to how you do social media and even traditional advertising.

A dental or medical practice’s brand is the collection of all marketing elements that may come into contact with current and potentially new patients. These outreach elements will include your logo, website, printed marketing materials, the look of your office, and how your staff communicates with your patients. In short, your brand is a very big picture, much more than just a logo.

Let’s discuss why you may need to rebrand your dental or medical practice. Consider this a Pop Quiz. If any of these are TRUE, then you may be ready for a rebranding.

☐  You have outgrown your practice’s original mission;
☐  You’re ashamed to give out your website address;
☐  You want to appeal to a new type of patient;
☐  The competition in your area is quickly evolving;
☐  Your office is no longer attracting top-notch talent;

So, let’s guess that you mentally checked off at least one of the boxes above. Now what?

  • What’s a rebranding project going to mean to you?
  • How much is it going to cost and how long will it take?
  • Where do you start?

1) Develop a New Message to Communicate

We’ve already mentioned that branding is much more than logos and graphics, it’s the sum of your practice’s message. But if your message isn’t clear or you haven’t quite thought your way through it, a rebrand may end up confusing your patients and your office’s staff. Start with reviewing a few of these thought-provoking questions.

  • What exactly does your practice do?
  • What unique patient issues do you solve?
  • Who are your top local competitors?
  • How are you different from your competitors?
  • What makes these competitors your competitors?
  • Who is your ideal patient?
  • Why should your ideal patient select your practice?
  • What is the primary value of your practice that needs to be communicated?
  • Identify three adjectives that colorfully describe your practice?

Once the above questions are answered, work to develop the new message for your practice. This will provide a foundation and will lead you in the proper direction as your rebranding moves forward.

2) Focus on Your Existing Patient

The best way to keep your practice running smoothly while going through a rebranding project is to focus on keeping your customer service at its highest levels, no matter what is going on. Make sure that the rebranding doesn’t alienate or confuse things for your current patients. A successful rebrand is going to take a while to see its impact, so make sure that you are still connecting with your loyal patient base in order to keep your revenue from sliding.

Your overall objective should be to grow your practice by serving all patients in a way they interpret as being high quality and personal caring. That can sometimes mean that you need to put your patient services ahead of your rebrand, and that can only be a good thing.

3) Attract and Welcome the New Patient

Your specific dental or medical services and how they’re perceived by your patients may change over time. A rebranding project can help your practice to reach out and connect with these new patients. This might not warrant a change in your logo or website. This approach might require a more strategic look at your core values, unique services, and how you communicate them.

4) Tell Everyone Who and What You Are

There is no benefit in keeping your rebranding private. Often, small businesses including dental and medical offices find that talking about their enhanced brand publicly can lead to an increase in interest in their business.

Take advantage of social media, local press releases, and even media contacts to talk with your patients and the general public. You should anticipate an increase in traffic to your website, leading to an uptick in interest in your practice.

5) Components of a Successful Rebranding

6) Stay Consistent

A successful dental or medical practice rebranding involves different online and a few offline outreaches, including digital, social media, email, and local marketing. For a rebranding campaign to bring the desired outcome, it has to be consistent from the start. Logo design, a website makeover, a new style guide, refreshed messaging via content marketing, and everything else – all these need to communicate the common message.


Rebranding starts with a real need for change. Rebranding an existing practice takes time and may introduce a few new challenges. A well-planned and executed rebranding will give your practice a fresh kick-start and will likely have a positive impact on your business. If not part of your future plans, not tackling a rebranding could cost you more in patient and revenue losses.

If your practice’s brand has outgrown its personality, or needs a fresh start, chances are good that you need a rebranding.

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