Wave One Product Review

Wave One Review: 10 Points to Consider Before You Purchase

Most dentists agree that WaveOne Gold files are the latest in endodontic technology. Developed as an evolution of the original WaveOne files, WaveOne Gold retains all the desirable qualities of its predecessor while also improving on other qualities. While most dentists were pleased with the original WaveOne files, a common complaint about these files was their lack of flexibility. Although somewhat flexible, WaveOne files were still lacking the flexibility needed to safely accomplish challenging endodontic cases. WaveOne Gold has improved on this shortcoming through the use of metallurgical technology to create a file that is flexible enough to address even the most challenging of cases. It also has several other components that help make it the ideal file. Overall, my research indicated that the WaveOne Gold files were well received by the dentists that used them and the reviews were substantially positive. Listed below, I’ve outlined ten points to consider before you purchase your own WaveOne Gold files.

Point #1 It Has a Specialized Design

WaveOne Gold files use a unique parallelogram design in order to maximize cutting efficiency. Depending on the placement of the file, this parallelogram shape allows for one to two edges of the file to cut, either independently or concurrently. This specialized shape also reduces screwing effects on the canal walls, increases torque and cutting efficiency, and helps to remove debris from the canal.

In addition, WaveOne Gold files also use metallurgical advancements in the files themselves. During their manufacture, WaveOne Gold files are made from nickel-titanium and then undergo a specialized heat-treatment process that causes them to take on a golden color. This heat-treatment also functions to increase the file’s strength and flexibility.

Point #2 It Has Safety Features

The aforementioned parallelogram shape also works to reduce the risk of file separation and the subsequent injuries it may cause. This is because it has a stronger resistance against cyclic fatigue, which is the leading cause of file separation. WaveOne Gold is twice as resistant to cyclic fatigue as most other rotary file systems and is 50% more resistant than its predecessor, WaveOne. In addition, WaveOne Gold uses a single-file reciprocating technique which has been found to be over four times safer than rotary files. One dentist notes that the increased safety features associated with WaveOne Gold files did not change its clinical technique or usage.

Point #3 It is Effective

Due to its optimized cross-section, tip diameter, and taper, WaveOne Gold is able to cut efficiently and with greater flexibility. It can even be slightly bent to reach into tighter spaces without breaking which makes it ideal for treating S-shaped curvatures. In fact, it uses a variable taper rather than a constant taper which allows it to fit safely and effectively in small, narrow canals. When WaveOne Gold files were reviewed by Dentsply Sirona, they found that clinicians rated WaveOne Gold as a 4.6 out of 5 when considering criteria such as cutting efficiency, taper, range of file lengths and sizes, flexibility, time savings, and resistance to cyclic fatigue

Point #4 It Maximizes Treatment While Being Minimally Invasive

Because of its flexibility and single-file shaping technique, WaveOne Gold can fit into any canal regardless of length, diameter, or curvature. Since the file follows the canal better, less tooth structure is removed allowing the treatment to be much more minimally invasive.

Point #5 It Allows Treatment on Complex Cases

Not only does the flexibility of WaveOne Gold files allow the files to follow the canal so well, but it also allows for safer access through long, narrow, or curved canals. WaveOne Gold addresses everyday endodontic challenges and offers a safe solution to a once difficult problem. In addition, patients have reported feeling less post-treatment pain. This reduction in pain and time spent in the chair will result in an increase of patient satisfaction.

Point #6 It Saves Chair Time

WaveOne Gold is intended to be used to shape most of the canals with a single file, meaning that the patient spends less time in the chair. The reciprocating shaping technique used by the WaveOne Gold files has also been found to be three times faster than rotary files. Many dentists have noticed a reduction in procedure time and were able to see more patients and schedule more single-appointment endodontic procedures.

Point #7 It Offers a Glider File

The glider file is used during shaping preparation and is a single, reciprocating glide path file that shapes the canal while retaining most of its natural shape. All glider files are size 15/.02 variable taper and have three lengths: 21mm, 25mm, and 31mm. Glider files are intended for single-use, meaning they are sterile, have more cutting efficiency, and have a reduced chance of breakage or cross-contamination. However, the WaveOne Gold glider files can only be used with compatible Dentsply Sirona motors.

Point #8 It Offers Different Size Reciprocating Files

WaveOne Gold files come in four different sizes that can be used for different canal morphologies. These sizes include small (yellow), primary (red), medium (green), and large (white). Generally speaking, the primary sized file is the most frequently used and is used 80% of the time. Furthermore, the files use a reciprocating technique to shape the canal rather than a rotary technique.

Point #9 It Can Offer a Complete Solution

WaveOne Gold files can be used with GuttaCore and WaveOne Gold obturators to provide a complete approach to endodontics. The obturators perfectly match the size of the canals created by the files and are color-coded to match the file sizes for easy identification and placement. In this way, the Gutta Core can be placed quicker and more evenly, while also minimizing the risk of root fracture. WaveOne Gold files can also be purchased with corresponding gutta-percha, absorbent points, and size verifiers, all of which are color-coded and match with the appropriate file size.

Point #10 It Allows for Easy Transitions

Because WaveOne Gold uses the same reciprocating motion as other files, the WaveOne Gold files can be used with an X-Smart IQ Endodontic Motor or a ProMark Reciprocating Motor.

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